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- Established 2005 -

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Select from the Following to Discover a Holistic Path to Your Health Goals

Products and services that pave the path to your desired health goal.

Probiotic drinks and yogurts, seasonal soups, wellness powders, and more.

Locally sourced ingredients with a healing goal in mind. 

Explore all the products we have to offer!

We hack coconuts, engage with our local community, and create healing experiences to support you in accomplishing your health goals.

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At La Vie, our mission centers on holistic well-being—mind, body, and spirit. We're thrilled to add wellness retreats to our menu of locally-sourced, nourishing elixirs. More than just drinks, our products are pathways to health and transformation. With La Vie, enjoy the best of both worlds: healing foods and enriching experiences that guide you towards balanced living and lasting wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Empowering Experiences 
That Resonate

All the items are vegan and very tasty. It is a great way to get my daily probiotics. I like to eat seasonally and the seasonal soups and specialty drinks are really great. I just had the zucchini and basil soup yesterday, yum!

- Theresa L.

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Delivering the Most Unique Juice Cleanse Experience You're Guaranteed to Feel

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Radiant skin, a lighter spirit, and a mind sharpened like a Zen sword. Dive into an experience that Central California residents rave about, igniting vitality they didn't know still thrived within. Discover the transformative energy our unique probiotic and nutrient-packed cleanses infuse into your life. Explore the stories of fellow seekers who've embraced the revitalizing journey of our probiotic juice cleanses. Your path to renewed vigor starts here, at La Vie. 

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