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z60-Day Challenge Nutritional Support: Weekly Subscription

$ 55.00
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      when you subscribe for 4 weeks.
      See details below*.

      Thank you for joining the 60 Day Challenge Nutritional Support weekly subscription!

      This weekly subscription box of 6 wellness drinks will be delivered for you (free delivery) to one of the participating yoga studios (choose your studio from the dropdown menu).

      This subscription will recur automatically from your first purchase through the end of the challenge, your credit card will be charged weekly, and you may opt out at any time** (see details below).

      • First, choose your participating Yoga Studio as your delivery location from the dropdown menu.
      • Receive a weekly supply of our 60-Day Challenge Nutritional Supply Wellness Box delivered free to participating yoga studios and continuing weekly after that until the end of the challenge.
      • Each weekly supply Wellness Box contains a six-pack of 12 oz high quality delicious drinks that contain electrolytes, probiotics, superfoods and mega antioxidants to help nourish the body during your 60-Day Challenge, including:
        - Coconut Water
        - E3 Live
        - Blood
        - Magenta Mojito
        - Root Awakening
        - Tropical Kefir
      • Drink one bottle a day after yoga.
      • Delivered weekly on Sundays in a re-usable insulated box with your name on it. Please return the boxes.

      Need a Substitution or change to your order?
      Please text this form to Yeyen at 831-325-8347 at least 3 days in advance (by or before Thursday) for any changes to your order.

      Free $25 Gift Card with 4 Week Subscription
      *You will receive a $25 gift card to Drink La Vie when you subscribe and receive 4 consecutive weekly deliveries. Gift cards can be redeemed online, in-person, or at any of our Farmers Market locations. Gift cards will be handed out at the end of the 60 Day Challenged. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash, and cannot be applied to the 60 Day Challenge.

          How to Manage/Skip/Cancel your Weekly Subscription
          **To manage, skip, or cancel your 60 Day Challenge Weekly Subscription and avoid being charged, please modify your subscription online before Tuesday on any given week. If you opt out after Tuesday, your credit card will be charged for that week's subscription and your subscription will be delivered for you. Refunds/credits are not given for orders that have been delivered.

          By purchasing this subscription, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

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