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Energize & Hydrate Wellness Box

$ 60.00
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Drink one a day. Our Energize & Hydrate Wellness box combines six of our most popular probiotic tonics and health tonics specially selected to boost energy levels and replenish hydration. One delicious, healthy drink a day keeps your gut happy and healthy. It's ideal to order on a subscription basis -- get it delivered weekly to your door, or pick up at one of our Farmers Markets.  It's an easy way to get the probiotics your body loves every week.


Energize & Hydrate Wellness Box includes:

- E3 Live Cocktail 12oz
- Refreshing Green 12oz
- Blood 12oz
- Magenta Mojito 12oz
- 2X Coconut Water 12oz

Gluten, Soy and Dairy-free.

*Perishable. Please Refrigerate. Consume before the expiration date on the bottle. Do not freeze.


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