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Green Blend

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The most powerful, complete and concentrated green food blend on the market! Contains over 35 carefully combined and extremely concentrated ingredients in a base of potent green juice extracts. Premium enzymatically-active green superfood. This synergistic formula is a storehouse of concentrated minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes, phytochemicals, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, Adaptogenic extracts, & SBOs with prebiotic helpers to increase assimilation while promoting intestinal hygiene. With the addition of so many powerful extracts, this is as good as a superfood gets!

Suggested use: 1 heaping tablespoon mixed with water, juice, nut milk or a smoothie. A perfect pick-me-up when combined with water, stevia and some of our concentrated herbal tinctures.

Ingredients: Organic Juice Extracts of Barley Grass 24:1, Alfalfa Grass 24:1, Spirulina, Chiarella, Rice Tocotrienols, Rice Bran, Berry Berry Good**, Probiotic Complex (Chicory, Mesquite, Burdock Root, Yucca powder), Green Papaya, Carob, Ginger, Fennel, Una de Gato*, Maca, Stevia, Mushroom Power Supreme**, Essence of Sea Plants**, Siberian Eleuthero*, Foti*, Aloe Inner Fillet*, Dandelion Root*, Turmeric*, Milk Thistle*, Ginkgo Biloba*, Gotu Kola* (*Extract-Powder combination, **Full spectrum blends).