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Dedicated to Your Health as Much as Their Own


At La Vie, our team values are deeply rooted in fostering health, happiness, and harmony. We are committed to creating the freshest, most nourishing probiotic wellness drinks to support your well-being. Sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients drive us, while our dedication to innovation and community uplifts our spirits. Together, we embrace a journey towards optimal health and a shared passion for making a positive impact in the world.

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Yeyen Gunawan

Visionary & Founder

Established on August 23, 2005, Yeyen's drive for holistic health has shaped La Vie Wellness. As its core, she cherishes every moment—from building an amazing team to witnessing clients' health journeys. Among her achievements, Yeyen celebrates a passionate team, devoted customers, and a harmonious workspace. Each La Vie product holds a special place for her, and outside work, she's an adventurer—be it flying planes, yoga, travel, or savoring great food. Interestingly, Yeyen, a health devotee, isn't vegan and has impressive feats like crossing Lake Tahoe and being a national swimmer for Indonesia. She aims to swim Alcatraz next. For her, La Vie is not just wellness products—it's about uplifting people by emphasizing gut health. La Vie's essence? Kindness, thoughtfulness, and pure fun.

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Roni Babcock

Payroll Manager

Meet Roni Babcock, our devoted Payroll/Marketeer since May 2012. Her journey started as friends with Yeyen at Monterey Mkt, and she gladly embraced the opportunity to join La Vie when her own business closed. Roni enjoys the remote role, staying connected with the team and cherishes retreats that strengthen their bond. She loves Beet Kvass, stays active with biking and yoga, and looks forward to retirement. La Vie empowers people to embrace fresh, nourishing foods. The culture is free, relaxed, and family-like.

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Dominique Nigro

Lead Marketeer

Meet Dominique Nigro, our passionate Lead Marketeer since May/June 2013. Inspired by the Farmer's Markets community and fermented foods, she brings joy educating customers about plant-based wellness. Her favorite La Vie product is "Root Awakening," an invigorating blend of flavors promoting vitality. Beyond work, Dominique embraces dance, photography, and decluttering goals. Witnessing customers' delight from La Vie's nourishing products fuels her dedication. La Vie empowers her as a thriving performing artist, fostering a loving, ambitious, and community-oriented culture.

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Debra de Martini

Customer Service / Administrator

Meet Debra de Martini, the Marketeer and Office Administrator at La Vie Wellness since October 2017. Inspired by the company's unique products and people, she thrives on changing lives through education and offering real food solutions. Debra cherishes the moments when customers share how La Vie's drinks have remedied serious health issues, bringing genuine happiness. Her favorite product is the Coconut Kefir, a clean and beautiful drink with transformative potential. Beyond work, she enjoys exploring health, savoring organic raw food, and embracing nature through travel and photography. Debra envisions La Vie Wellness impacting lives by nurturing gut health and fostering a healthier, happier world.

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Mr. Green

Operations Manager

Mr. Green has been the Operations Manager at La Vie since December 2018. He fondly remembers a time he spilled an entire pallet of drinks, yet remained in good spirits. His favorite products? Anything green, fittingly. Outside of maintaining La Vie's organized environment, he enjoys gardening, weightlifting, and time with his kids. While he jokes about the company helping people "poop," he values its mellow and adventurous culture. A man of humor and dedication, Mr. Green is a treasured member of the La Vie team.

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Zachary Hall

Kitchen & Packing Crew

Meet Zackary Hall, a dedicated member of La Vie's Kitchen and Packing Crew since August 2020. Inspired by his familiarity with farmers' markets and kitchens, Zackary wholeheartedly embraces our mission. He finds joy in problem-solving, machinery work, and played a key role in designing our new kitchen. His favorite La Vie product is the refreshing Magenta Mojito, and beyond work, he enjoys leatherworking, gardening, archery, and hiking. With a childhood in Hong Kong, Zackary brings a worldly perspective to the team. He believes La Vie's wholesome products impact lives positively and describes the company culture as compassionate, wholesome, and relaxed, fostering personal growth and community.

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Emmanuel Garcia

Kitchen Manager/ Chef

Meet Emmanuel Garcia, our Kitchen Manager/Chef since 2021. Inspired by fermentation, he loves producing medicinal food. His favorite product, Lemon Yogurt, is versatile for various dishes. Beyond work, he enjoys cooking, motorcycles, and building an outdoor dream kitchen. Emmanuel aims for spiritual growth and impacting lives by offering healthier options. La Vie's culture: Fun, Positivity, Dedication.

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Pedro Diaz

Kitchen Crew

Pedro Diaz has been a key Kitchen Staff member at La Vie since August 2021. Passionate about culinary arts, he crafts soups with local, seasonal ingredients and loves the tangy beet drink, Blood. Outside the kitchen, Pedro enjoys drama and once was a luchador in Mexico. He's on a wellness quest, working to boost his exercise routine. Pedro believes La Vie's offering of allergy relief helps him and the people he knows. He values the company's diverse, relaxed, and communal culture.

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Kareem Hyver

Distribution Manager / Marketing Lead

Meet Kareem Hyver, La Vie's Weekend Distribution Manager and Marketing Lead since August 2021. He joined for an active job and the health-conscious environment. Kareem enjoys the blend of marketing tasks and warehouse work. His favorite product is the Green Smoothie for its nourishing benefits. Outside work, he explores photography and sports. La Vie impacts lives through energy-boosting products and education. Our culture: Opportunity, Freedom, Good Intent.

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Pedro Villanueva 

Kitchen & Packing Crew

Meet Pedro Villanueva, aka P2V2, our Kitchen and Packing Crew member since January 2022. With a sharp eye for detail, he enjoys problem-solving and improving procedures. Passionate about fermentation and football, Pedro's expertise and dedication make him an invaluable part of La Vie's family. His goal is to embrace healthier eating habits, aligning with La Vie's mission of promoting wellness through natural, probiotic-rich products.

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Elizabeth De La Torre

HR Manager

Meet Elizabeth De La Torre, our HR Manager who joined La Vie Wellness in May 2022. Inspired by our products and philosophy, Elizabeth enjoys working with our genuine and hardworking staff. She's proud to have recruited half of our current team. Her favorite is the coconut almond milk, and outside work, she loves cooking, crafting, and camping. She aims to tone her body and build muscle while embracing a vibrant and dedicated company culture.

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Jose Villanueva 

Packing Crew

Meet Jose Villanueva, a vital member of La Vie's Distribution team since August 2022. His passion for simplicity in packing and dedication to delivering our nutritious products make him an integral part of our close-knit family. Jose's favorite? Coconut Almond Milk—a delicious and healthy treat. In his free time, he hits the gym, working toward his personal wellness goal of gaining muscle weight. At La Vie, we cherish the bond we share, reflected in thrilling experiences like our team river rafting adventure. Together, we impact lives with nourishing products, fostering a culture that's strong, healthy, and delicious.

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Giovanni Villanueva

Packing Crew

Meet Giovanni Villanueva, a dedicated Packer at La Vie since March 2022. He enjoys the flexible part-time role, contributing to nourishing wellness drinks. Giovanni's favorite is the Coconut Almond Milk for its delicious taste and wholesome goodness. Outside work, he loves playing football and the clarinet. His wellness goal is to explore new flavors and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Giovanni sees La Vie impacting lives positively through nourishing products and a loving, ambitious, community-oriented culture.

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