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Time for a Cleanse?

It Might do More


Than Good

Should you Cleanse?

This three minute quiz will dive into your health & wellness goals to determine if cleansing is the best solution to help you achieve them.

Cleanses Can Cause Nutrient Deficiencies

Many cleanses involve extreme dietary restrictions, often limiting participants to juices or specific liquid concoctions that lack essential nutrients. This can lead to deficiencies in protein, healthy fats, fiber, and calories, all of which are crucial for sustained health and satiety.

Potentially Harm the Digestive System:

Certain types of cleanses, particularly those involving laxatives or severe restrictions like the infamous cayenne, lemon, honey and water cleanse, can disrupt normal digestive function and gut health.

Benefits are Short Term

Perceived benefits, such as increased energy or improved wellbeing, are typically short-lived and largely due to eliminating processed foods and unhealthy habits temporarily.

Body Naturally Detoxifies Itself

Your body is equipped with its own detoxification systems - mainly the liver and kidneys - that naturally detoxify every day through processes like urination, defecation, and sweating

Not a Viable Weight Loss Solution

 Cleanses may lead to initial weight loss due to severe calorie restriction, they are not sustainable and do not promote long-term healthy habits. The weight lost is often quickly regained once normal eating resumes,

Still Want to Cleanse?

This is How 

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Incorporate soups and smoothies designed to be nutrient-dense, providing a full spectrum of essential nutrients that counteract the common deficiencies seen in traditional cleanses 

Probiotics drinks like coconut kefirs and beet kvass help you maintain a healthy gut flora, enabling the digestive system and fortifying immunity. 

 Look forward to the next time you cleanse by using the locally sourced ingredients you love. Make forming a long-term healthy habit much more attainable. 

You Have the Knowledge

Time to use it!

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With the light of knowledge guiding you, step into the serene embrace of La Vie Wellness. We present a symphony of cleanse options, each harmonizing with your unique spirit. 

Wholesome, effective, and delightfully tasty. Forget the old methods that promised much and delivered little. Embrace a cleansing experience that's grounded in years of experience, satisfied returning customers, and health conscious team members. 


La Vie has provided central California residents with artisan crafted unique solutions to improving their health since 2005. We have become a trusted source of probiotic drinks, seasonal soups, smoothies, and non-dairy yogurts to our Farmers' Market patrons from Carmel to San Rafael. 

Discover which La Vie Wellness cleanse is best for you. Take the quiz by pressing the button below.

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