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Teaching Self-Healing

La Vie Wellness Retreats 

Self-healing and personal growth. These words embody the essence of what La Vie wishes to impart to you. Engage in transformative practices like relaxation through breathing, meditation, yoga, and more. Our retreats are designed to cultivate positive emotions through the release of endorphins. With expert instructors guiding you, experience a profound impact on your well-being and inner peace. Join us and unlock the door to a healthier, happier you.

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Upcoming Retreats

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Meet the Instructors

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Hannah Muse

Hannah, celebrated as a Yoga, Mindfulness, and Mysticism teacher, infuses her classes with ancient wisdom and transformational rituals, particularly focusing on Nondual Tantra, Bhakti and Raja Yoga, and Ayurveda. Known for her nurturing storytelling and soul-stirring Bhakta voice, she leads impactful workshops and retreats in Santa Cruz, California, and internationally, emphasizing yoga's sacred power in awakening and healing.

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Jazz LeiAmora

Raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a classical piano background, she blends diverse genres like soul, R&B, and devotional music into a unique meditative experience, using a variety of instruments. Now residing in Santa Cruz, CA, she shares her musical talents in yoga classes, sound baths, international retreats, and sacred ceremonies, highlighted by her debut album "Om Pachamama."

Diane Xiu Lei Wat.png

Diane Xiu Lei Wat

Diane Xiu Lei Wat, based in Santa Cruz, is a multifaceted artist and yoga instructor with a unique specialization in both quigong and Vinyasa yoga. Diane combines her artistic sensibilities with her deep knowledge of these two distinct but complementary practices, offering a holistic approach to wellness and self-expression.

Kate Giampapa Friel.png

Kate Giampapa Friel

Since her first yoga class in 2004, Kate has become a passionate practitioner and teacher, skilled in various styles including Bikram, Vinyasa flow, and yin yoga, balancing her athletic pursuits in snowboarding and running. Beyond teaching in studios, she co-hosts and coordinates international yoga retreats through Aspen Synergy, bringing yogis to destinations like Hawaii, Bali, and Mexico.

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Beth Nelson

Beth, a seasoned resident of Watsonville, embraced yoga 15 years ago to ease her marathon training strains, discovering its profound mental and physical benefits. She's completed 500 hours of teacher training in Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga, and her classes, known for their challenging yet compassionate style, focus on mindful awareness and self-discovery for all skill levels.

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